Zombie: Genesis
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Zombie- Genesis


Nick Durron



Zombie: Genesis is a popular brickfilm created by Nick Durron. It is his most popular film. It was the winner to  the Bricks in Motion 2010 Avant-Garde contest

Synopsis Edit

A thrilling saga involving zombies. This film chronicles director Barry Hollow's attempts to make the greatest zombie movie ever made.

Production Edit


Reception Edit

Zombie: Genesis received universal reviews. Sméagol, the owner of, said that the films was "a great zombie film" and that "This is one of the better entries I've seen so far.". Filmyguy, a popular brickfilmer, said this about the film; "You just made me laugh really hard. This movie was so fantastic, it's so different from your Abduction films. Really funny, dude.". It won first place at the "Bricks in Motion 2010 Avant-Garde contest". Zombie: Genesis has over 1,000,000 views and over 2,000 likes on YouTube. On BricksinMotion, the rating is 5/5 bricks.

Sequel Edit

Positive results and many views led Durron to create a sequel, "Zombie: Exodus". Reception for the sequel received positive reviews mainly about the hilarity of it and the cg. Hazzat, a popular brickfilm, stated "Spot on in every way. An excellent movie" and rated it 5/5. It has received over 100,000 views and 900 likes. On BricksinMotion, the rating is 4.75/5 bricks.

References Edit Zombie: Genesis on YouTube Zombie: Exodus on YouTube The Results to the 2010 Avant-Garde results. Zombie: Genesis on BricksinMotion Zombie: Exodus on BricksinMotion

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