Vampire Owls
Vampire Owls01:30

Vampire Owls

"Owls! They're for kid wizards!"


Jack Rizzo


June 2014

Vampire Owls is a BFCU brickfilm created by Jam Pot Studios.


In Vampire Town, Naldo urgently needs to send a letter to Stud Lake City in order to place a curse on his 'past victims'. The Postal Vampire brings out his fastest delivery creature, which turns out to be a white owl that he calls Targarioth the Black. Naldo is outraged, and claims that the owl is unthreatening and not befitting of vampires. In mid-complaint, Targarioth grabs the letter out of his hand and flies away, and so Naldo is resigned to letting the owl carry it for him.


  • Additional canon for Vampire Owls was released on the Jam Pot Studios blog.
  • The line "bats, wolves, insects and rats" is a reference to the animals in the 1897 novel Dracula that the eponymous vampire can either control or shapeshift into. Similarly, Naldo's reference to "a living mist" is another of Dracula's forms.

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