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Tongal is a free to use film competition site, where participants are able tocompete their ideas and films against

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others to win prizes. Competitions on Tongal are held by brands looking for new ideas for video advertisements. Competitors are called 'creatives', and the prizes are a form of payment for the business to purchase your work.


Tongal allows for creative people to work with companies, in a competitive way, and get paid for their work, should the company like it.


Competitions are called projects on Tongal, and are usually broken up into stages, each with prizes available, cumilating to a large sum of prizes in the final stage.
Stages are usually:
  • Ideation;
  • Production; and
  • Distribution.


Brands fund competitions on Tongal, and any brand can hold a competition to get film ideas for whatever reason. Some bigger brands have featured competitions on the home page, of notable mention, LEGO. LEGO frequently has at least one competition running, and featured, at any one time. Whilst most of their videos attract brickfilmers (using stop-motion), they do accept other forms of annimation and film. Other famous brands that frequently use Tongal include NASA, McDonald's (USA), Nespresso, Barbie, Colgate, and even Tongal themselves.


Prizes on Tongal do vary frequently, but LEGO projects are usually of similar value. Ideation stages for most Tongal projects select 5 winners from ideas submitted, each awarded $500 funds for the video stage, and a guaranteed placing in the final top 7. The final winners, usually 7, win prizes usually between $10,000 for 1st place, and $500 down to 7th place. Five of the top seven, should the project have a pitch and video stage, are from the pitch (or ideation) stage. The 2 other winners are considered wildcard winners, as others still get to participate even if they didn't win the ideation stage.

LEGO on TongalEdit

LEGO has hosted many brickfilming projects on Tongal, with more appearing.


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