• There are thousands of Brickfilmers around the world, which is of course great! But the sad truth is that would be impossible to maintain up to date and accurate pages about all of them. As a result, on Brikifilms we restrict pages about individuals to brickfilmers that are 'significant' or 'frequent' contributors to the wiki - what this means is listed here.

    If you think a brickfilmer is 'significant enough' to deserve a page on the wiki then all you have to do is reply to this thread with the name of the person you wish to nominate. If you agree with someone else's nomination then you can click the 'thumbs up' button next to their post. If any nomination receives over 3 'thumbs up' it is eligible for a wiki page.

    PLEASE NOTE: This thread is for posting nominations only. All other posts will be removed. If you have any questions please create a new thread within this forum board. Posts will also be removed if the brickfilmer they name recieves 3 votes.

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