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2008 - 2009: NXTManiac

2010: NXTManiac (failed due to lack of ballots)

2011: Jargon


2005 and 2006 BAMPA Awards[1], 2007 BAFAs[2]

The Bricks In Motion Awards is an annual event held on the brickfilming forum Bricks In Motion to recognize 'brickfilms that do extraordinarily in many aspects of film and entertainment'. The winners of each category are awarded with a Bricks In Motion Award.

It is broadly similar to other film industry award shows such as the BAFTAs or Oscars with films being nominated for a category in advance and then the winner being announced 'live' to an audience. For the Bricks In Motion Awards, winners are usually announced 'live' via IRC chat which has sometimes been accompanied with a video stream.

The event is considered to have taken over from the Brick Award for Film Arts (BAFAs) which ran for one year in 2007, which in turn took over from the Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts awards (BAMPA awards) which ran in 2005 and 2006.


The Bricks In Motion Awards were founded by NXTManiac. The first awards were for films in 2008 and replaced the BAFAs after Nathan Wells who was due to takeover from Film Brain for the 2008 BAFAs, the organiser of the 2007 BAFAs, became inactive on the site. The event was also replaced with a delay and was held in August 2009 due to the chaotic events of the split and for this reason its name is associated with Bricks In Motion.[3]

The Lack of A 2010 Bricks In AwardsEdit

The first BiM awards in 2008 was very successful and as a result NXTManiac hosted it again in 2009 and 2010. However, despite NXT announcing the 2010 awards and producing a short list of films for the viewers choice award, the event never happened. Voting for the viewers choice award ended and then there was no information from NXT till 5 months later! It turned out that the 2010 BiMAs fell apart due to a lack of qualified voters.[4]. NXT only recieved 5 ballots from the staff members of the site.[5]


There are awards given out in the following categories[6]

  • Best Animation
  • Best Screenplay
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Best Set Design

    An example of a Bricks In Motion award. Egyptian Holiday went on to win four in 2011.

  • Best Sound Design
  • Best Original Score
  • Best Vocal Performance
  • Best Ensemble Cast
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Series (added for the 2009 awards onwards)
  • Viewer's Choice (added for the 2009 awards onwards)[7]
  • Best Film

Eligibility to enter and vote for Viewer's ChoiceEdit

For a film to be eligible to win a Bricks In Motion Award the director must have been a member of Bricks In Motion during the year of the awards, the film have been posted on BiM and the film must have been released during the year of the awards (except for the 2008 awards when any film made in 2008 was eligible due to there being no directory).

To be eligible to vote for film for the Viewer's Choice award you must have been a member on Bricks In Motion since July 1st, the year of the awards. The short list of films that you can vote from is suggested by the Bricks In Motion 'Board of Directors' and community.

A list of potential nominees for the rest of the awards is suggested by the Bricks In Motion community. Judges then vote and create a nominee list.[8]

Previous Award WinnersEdit

2008 2009
Best Animation

Attack of the Second Amendment

Zach Macias

A Clone Halloween


Best Screenplay


Philip Heinrich

Days of Our Pizza


Best Cinematography

Bill Carney's Body

Nikolas Jaeger

The River

Night Owl

Best Visual Effects


Philip Heinrich


Nick Durron

Best Set Design

802.701 The Time Machine

Go! Le Go!

Alles ist die Noppe


Best Sound Design

The New Neighbour

Maxime Marion

The River

Night Owl

Best Original Score


Philip Heinrich

The River

Night Owl

Best Vocal Performance


Philip Heinrich as Jack Darter

Days of Our Pizza

Keshen as Febrizzio

Best Ensemble Cast


Philip Heinrich

It's the Network


Best Series N/A

Nightly News at Nine


Viewer's Choice N/A

The River

Night Owl

Best Film


Philip Heinrich

Alles ist die Noppe



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