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Mathias Mertens


Steinerei is a German language brickfilming festival which is unique because the competition's award ceremony is held in the form of a physical ceremony in a cinema. It has been held since 2005 in varying locations.

Each year of the festival has a different theme and as a result most of the entries are created especially for the event and have their 'world premiere' on the day of it.[1]


The event first began in 2005.

Judging and PrizesEdit


Some of the awarded bricks at Steinerei.

Each year three different prizes are awarded at Steinerei.[2] These are:

  • The Prize of the Brickfilm makers - this is decided by the people that submitted entries
  • The Prize of the Jury - this is awarded by a group of three professionals from areas related to brickfilming
  • The Prize of the Audience - this is voted on by the live audience at the event.

Each winner of each prize recieves an actual brick!


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