Santa Claus
Lego minifig series 8 father christmas santa claus saint nicholas costume present - double
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"


Father Christmas, Saint Nick

First Appearance:


Voice Actor(s):

Kurtis and Kris Theorin, Jack Rizzo

Santa Claus, also known as Old Saint Nick, Sinter Klaus and Father Christmas, is the minifigure responsible for Christmas, and such is a regular feature of Christmas brickfilms.


Secret SantaEdit

Santa Claus determindely makes his way through several levels of security to deliver presents to a house.

Deck the TrollsEdit

Santa Claus is seen boxing, for sport, with a Troll. After proving himself a proficient martial artist and displaying a merry-hami-ha, Santa Claus wins the boxing match by using a Christmas Punch to send the Troll flying out of the arena. Santa then proceeds to wish the audience a merry Christmas.


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