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Pushover Productions, also known as MRlegobuilder987, is a popular brickfilmer who has gained over 700 subscribers and over 67,000 video views. He scored second on the EASTER Brickfilm Contest 2014 and second place on the BiM Celebration Contest.


Pushover joined YouTube on December 17th, 2010. He released his first brickfilm in August 2012.



Name Year Type Status
lego "Block ball" (an entery to NNN's contest) 2012 Short Released
LEGO "Egypt" 2012 Short Released
ILLUSION MAN 2013 Short Released
Charlie's World 2013 Short Released
Food Ninjas 2013 Short Released
LEGO "The Deadly Mission" 2013 Short Released
LEGO "The Day Aliens Finally Invaded" 2013 Short Released
LEGO Christmas "Chestnuts, Figgy Pudding, and a Maniac" 2013 Short Released
Easter Parrots (Easter 2014) 2014 Short Released
LEGO Arctic 2014 Short Released
15 Second Party In a Crate (BiM Celebration Contest) 2014 Short Released

Animation SetupEdit

Pushover currently animates using a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 to capture photos and Monkey Jam as his frame capturing software. He records with the Blue Yeti microphone and edits sound on Audacity. He edits his videos using Windows Movie Maker.