"Once upon a time there was a small Elven village. They had lived peacefully for a millennia, basking in the sunlight. These Elves were unlike many others, they NEEDED the sun in order to stay immortal. But after all, you can't go forever without change. When it came time, who should bring it but those who loathed the sun more than anything: Vampires."
―Narrator, Perpetual Twilight
Perpetual Twilight
Perpetual Twilight04:38

Perpetual Twilight

Go and discover eagle poop or something!


Jorden Davis


August 2014

Perpetual Twilight is a BFCU brickfilm created by JonnDthunDer. It documents a struggle between elves and vampires that leads to the creation of the titular realm.


Perpetual Twilight opens with the Elven King Ilendial storming into the Elven court where his son, Ailen, was supposed to be guarding the Sun Stone.  Vampires had come and stolen the Sun Stone, which meant that the sun could be enchanted so it would not always be in the sky.  The Vampires did this, creating eternal darkness, and the Elves quickly began to lose energy.  After a hasty meeting of the Elven Court, the Elves - led by King Ilendial - agreed to find the Sun Stone and revert it back to what it was, no matter the cost. 

Along the way one of the Elves transforms into a Werewolf, he had forgotten his special potion to contain the beast inside.  The transformation was actually useful for the Elves when he smashed his way inside the Vampire Castle.  All the Elves went into the main hall and began battle with the Vampires while Ailan climed to the room where the Sun Stone was kept, only to be met by an unlikely ally, the Vampire Faeron.  Faeron is the Vampire Lord Valron's son. 

Faeron and Ailen agreed to work together and try to create a resolution to their problem: the Elves needed light while the Vampires couldn't live in it.  Together, they were able to solve their problem by creating perpetual twilight, neither day or night.  Both the races could survive together. 

Lord Valron was not pleased and appeared in the room, trying to kill Ailen.  Faeron dove in front of his new-found friend and his arm was cut off by his father's sword, but he did save Ailan.  Valron and Ailen then fought an intense and personal battle, ending with Faeron cutting his evil father's head off.

"And so it was, the land of Perpetual Twilight; no more darkness, no more sun.  The gloaming let the Elves live, and yet it would not harm the Vampires.  Thus, the rivals decided to relinquish their hatred and lived happily ever after.  The end."


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