"Owls! They're not even threatening!"



First Appearance:

Vampire Owls

Voice Actor(s):

Harrison Allen

Naldo is a vampire from Vampire Town, and the youngest member of the Vampire Council.


A relatively young vampire from the south of Italy, Naldo’s greatest regret is losing his accent. The problem was, it used to be so thick that nobody could understand him! Not good, especially if you’re supposed to be threatening mortals. Naldo spends a lot of time outside the vampire realm, in the human world, working with mortal criminals. He is always on the lookout for a new crimelord he can possess. Some of the other members of the Vampire Council believe he is trying to build an army, but that is mere speculation.

Vampire OwlsEdit

Naldo expressed his desire to the Postal Vampire to use a curse to possess his past victims in the mortal Stud Lake City. The curse seemed time-sensetive, as it was imperative that his letter arrive by August 24th. His ultimate goal was to take over the city's criminal underworld. As Targarioth the Black carried his letter, it can be presumed his plan was a success.


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