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Jonathan Phillips, also known as Just Kidden or JustKiddenAnim8ion, is a brickfilmer famous for his strange, unique, and extremely random sense of humor. The animation style in his brickfilms resembles that of a cartoon and hadn't been done before. It inspired many other brickfilmers to animate in a similar style.


His oldest video that is still online is nine-seconds long and called Balcony. It was uploaded to an older channel that he shared with a friend called ThreeAstudios and was followed by other short videos which were all no longer the 30 seconds.

The first brickfilm uploaded to his channel was an entry to THAC 7 called The Salesman. He continued to make and upload strange brickfilms, most of which are under a minute long. The majority of his longer brickfilms where made for contests on Bricks In Motion.

In 2012, he released his first cartoon animation. Slowly he lost interest in brickfilming, releasing more cartoons and less brickfilms. He eventually declared that he would no longer be making brickfilms. However, he did enter THAC 11, and shortly afterward he released a short video called "Sick Move".

Brickfilm SeriesEdit


Shpiderman is series of short videos making fun of Spiderman. They were all less then a minute and just consisted of "ShpiderMan" jumping out and screaming his name, scaring a particular unnamed character.

The first one was an entry to the "Animation Challenge" On BiM. It was followed by "Shpiderman 2" and "Shpiderman 3". The final Shpiderman video is called "SHPIDERMAN IS DEAD", in which shpiderman explodes and dies. The description of this video states "He's dead, so don't ask me to make more Shpiderman videos. He's dead. You understand me? DEAD."

Jeffery And the Old ManEdit

Most of Jonathans longer brickfims are part of the "Jeffery and the Old Man" series, which is about the wacky situations "Old Man" and guy named "Jeffery" both get themselves in.

The first instalment in the series, called "FORGOT", was an entry to "BRAWL 2009". In this video, the Old man invents something, but forgets what it does. They both work together to figure out what it does.

The second instalment was the "Jeffery and the Old Man Christmas special", in which Jeffery visits the Old man on Christmas.

The third installment, "Love Bites", was never completed. The video starts with the Old Man delivering his mail He claimed to have gotten tired of working on the project and quit.

In the Fourth instalment, "The Great Airplane Murder Mystery", Jeffery and the Old man work together to find the murder hiding on their flight.

In the fifth instalment, "Jeffery Gets a Voice Box Transplant", Jeffery must get his old voice box removed after falling down the stairs.


"Easter Apocalypse"

"Tree House Addiction"

"Justin Beiber.wmv"


"An Economy Joke"

"A completely serious film with unfitting music"




"A very JK Christmas"

"The Mistake"

"Eggs 2"

"Sick Move"