Helium Frog Animator
Frame Capturing Software
A screenshot of Helium Frog


Martin Price

Price Free!
Compatibility Windows XP, Vista & 7

Helium Frog is a frame capturing program for Windows based computers developed by Martin Price. It is free and licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. The program is compatible with many cameras including webcams such as the Logitech Webcam c920 and Webcam Pro 9000.


The program has many features such as "chroma keying, frame averaging, onion skinning, Lip Sync, fully customizable keyboard shortcuts, time lapse, Digital Camera control and the abilty to use high resolution sources."[1]

These features are normally only found in paid for software making Helium Frog quite popular with brickfilmers.

Future DevelopmentEdit

Development of Helium Frog has remained static in recent years with the last update (version 2.06) released in 2010. Although the program still remains popular it is beginning to show its age with its old school interface design and some issues for Windows 8 users.[2] (Although a solution has been found for Windows 8 users experiencing a 'source setup error')[3]

In 2012 the program's creator Martin Price created a blog regarding the development of Helium Frog 3.0. Here he stated that he was planning to completely rewrite the program's code, include DSLR support and charge a few pounds for the new version of the program. However since October 2012 Martin has posted no further updates regarding this.[4]