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Forrest Whaley, or Forrestfire101 is the second most-subscribed-to brickfilmer on YouTube. Since his first upload back in July of 2007, he has gained over 705,000 subscribers and over 637,000,000 video views. All his brickfilms revolve around licensed themes such as "Batman", "Star wars", and "Indiana Jones".


Forrest created his YouTube channel in May 2007.


All his brickfilms revolve around licensed themes such as "Batman", "Star wars", and "Indiana Jones".

He has uploaded over 70 brickfilms to his channel since his first uploaded video "Spider Vs. Sand".

Batman And Superhero BrickfilmsEdit

These brickfilms are about Batman and his friends having crazy adventures, if it's taking down villains or problems between the heroes

Indiana Jones BrickfimsEdit

These Brickfilms are about Indiana Jones' adventures with his sidekicks Shortround and Mutt Williams and about how much he hates it that his adventures never get him anywhere.

Forrestfire Christmas Spectacular(s)Edit

Forrestfire101 has made three "Christmas Spectaculars". They all consist of a live-action short and a Christmas related "Batman" video.

Lego Captain AmericaEdit

"LEGO Captain America" is (arguably) the most gory brickfilm ever made. Forrest uploaded it on February 1, 2012 and since then it has gained over 4,000,000 views. In the video, Captain America breaks into a building and single-handedly takes out groups of Nazis and Hydra.

He released a version of the video with no visual or music on his second channel. It explains how most of the camera movements, camera shakes, and camera effects were done in post-production. The video also created some controversy in the comments section because he claimed to be "high" while animating it.

In June 2013 he made a sequel called "LEGO Captain America 2" in which the captain fights Red Skull.

Animations and Live Action VideosEdit

The Duck songEdit

"The Duck song" is an animated short he uploaded in 2009 about a duck trying to buy some grapes from lemonade stand. With its catchy tune and poorly drawn animation, It went viral and accumulated over 150,000,000 views. It became so successful, that it was published into a "Push-and-play" story book. He made two sequels that have similar stories and have a combined total of over 40,000,000 views. All three duck songs have a combined total of over 200,000,000 views.

He also made a spin off video called "Honey Bear"

Zombie UniverseEdit

A live action series about Zombies having taken over the Universe. Forrest, Mason and Mason's girlfriend Ally must survive the apocalypse.

Trivia Edit

  • He is known for his Lego Batman videos
  • He directed a video for ERB once.
  • He is friends with many popular YouTubers like ERB, DirectorToby, McGoiter, Shane Dawson and more.





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