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Fancy Pants (also known as xxxfancypantsxxx) is a well known brickfilmer, who has gained over 56,000 subscribers. His first brickfilm was uploaded in 2008, it was entitled: Lego Star Wars "The Ruthless Plan" Part 1.


Jordon began animating in 2008.


Lego - The Force UnleashedEdit

Fancy Pant's most popular brickfilm was uploaded in 2010 and is entitled: Lego - The Force Unleashed. The video was created for an 'animation challenge' on Bricks In Motion. The video is well known for being one of the greatest examples of a lightsaber duel in brickfilming. The lightsaber effects in the video were created using Adobe Photoshop.[1]

Clone Training CenterEdit

This is a popular series of brickfilms by Fancy Pants, the first film of it was uploaded in September 2009.[2] The series focused around the lives of two new recruits to the clone army: Bridge and Gus. Bridge is a down-to-earth guy just trying to make a good impression on his new commander, while Gus is a well-meaning simpleton or 'idiot' who bumbles through life, often unintentionally causing trouble.[3] In March 2014 Fancy Pants created a Kick Starter campaign for the series and pledged for $40,000 to work with other well known brickfilmers in order to create a full length web series based on project.

Two Year AbsenceEdit

In 2011, Jordan uploaded a video to his channel called "All good things".

In the video he explained how he was leaving to go on a missionary trip with his church for two years and there was no guarantee that he would return to brickfilming after. He also said that his younger brother might upload brickfilms to his channel in to meantime.

His younger brothers, "Jr Fancypants", only uploaded one video in that time, called "The Good Old Days".

When Jordan returned in august of 2013, he uploaded a video called "2 Years Later...", which explained how he had every intention of returning to brickfilming

Animating SetupEdit

Jordan animates using a Panasonic PV-GS320 camera in conjunction with the frame capturing software iStopmotion. His videos are edited using Adobe Premiere Elements.


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