For brickfilmers these days things are a lot easier than they used to be! You'll find that most recent brickfilms will have used multiple different software packages during their creation. Whether it was for writing the script or adding an explosion, there are many packages for many purposes, some free and some not.

Remember if you are unsure whether any of the paid software works with your setup or will suit you, free trials are avaliable on the respective websites for all of the software packages below.

Featured SoftwareEdit

All SoftwareEdit

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Script Writing SoftwareEdit

CeltX Popular screenplay writing software. Free on desktop, paid for mobile and collaboration features. PC/Mac/Linux Free/Paid Website
Adobe Story Another popular scriptwriting software PC/Mac Free/Paid Website
Final Draft Extremely powerful and innovative script-authoring software, used by professionals. PC/Mac/iOS Paid Website
Libre Office Open source word processor. PC/MAC Free Website

Frame Capturing SoftwareEdit

MonkeyJam Basic webcam frame capturing PC Free Website
Helium Frog Lots of of features: onion skinning, chroma keying etc but getting slightly old. PC Free Website
Dragonframe Popular especially with DSLR owning brickfilmers. Very expensive though! PC/MAC Paid Website
iStopMotion Most commonly used MAC frame capturing software. Supports DLSRs and webcams. MAC/iOS Paid Website
Stop Motion Pro Lots of features, moderate price - used by Aardman! PC Paid Website
Animator HD Moderate price, feature packed but steep learning curve PC Free / Paid Website

CGI Creation SoftwareEdit

Blender Open source CGI creation. PC/MAC Free

Visual Effects SoftwareEdit

Hit Film PC Paid
GIMP Open source photoshop like program. PC/MAC/Linux Free
Adobe After Effects PC/MAC Paid

Video Editing SoftwareEdit

Windows Movie Maker Included with Windows ME - Vista. Generally prefered over the 'live' edition in later editions. Can be downloaded on to later editions of Windows. PC Free
iMovie Included with MAC computers, simple interface. MAC Free
Adobe Premiere Popular, industry standard editing software. Comes in two versions, 'pro' and the significantly cheaper 'elements' PC/MAC Paid
Sony Vegas Also popular, cheaper than Premiere. PC Paid
Final Cut Pro Popular editing software made by Apple for MACs. MAC Paid
Lightworks Open source powerful editor, steep learning curve however. PC Free

Audio Manipulation SoftwareEdit

Audacity Open source, very popular for voice / sound effects recording. PC/MAC Free
Garageband Included with MACs, used for creating music MAC Free