The increase in popularity of Brickfilming has led to creation of many online communities for the art over the years.

  • The first was which was the main site most brickfilmers used until 2007, when changes in administration led to a mass migration of its userbase to Bricks In Motion.
  •'s direct successor is Bricks In Motion founded by the site's former administrator Schlaeps. It is currently the largest English-speaking Brickfilming forum site.
  • There is also The Brickfilmer's Guild, created and run by the Four Monkeys. It is different to BF and BiM as it does not have forums and is meant to compliment the other Brickfilming sites. It works as a sort of Brickfilming social network.
  • Founded in 2008, Brick à Brack is the largest French brickfilming community.
  • BrickBoard is the largest German brickfilming community.