Captured BFCU 201401:07

Captured BFCU 2014

We are not alone.




March 2014

Captured is a BFCU brickfilm created by Bricks In Motion user BrickStory.


We are not alone. There are others living among us. Things with strange, unnatural abilities. They are of an unknown origin, and they may not be linked. They must be captured and brought back for questioning.


The film is a montage of scenes, primarily following the police in their efforts to contain a series of dangerous individuals. It is not a straight narrative, instead an ambiguous exploration of these superhumans the police are pursuing.

Captured begins with a police officer recording an interrogation. Another officer checks on a prisoner capable of floortilting, while two other officers pursue an unseen quarry down a dark alleyway. Two more officers, this time in broad daylight, are attacked by a man displaying pyrokinesis. A body is then found in a darkened room.


  • Captured was created for the BFCU challenge "dangerous by daylight". Due to the failure of the contest, Captured was released as a film in itself at a later date.

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