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Brotherhood Workshop is a brickfilmer primarily active on YouTube who produces a variety of licensed theme brickfilms. The Brotherhood Workshop YouTube channel currently has over 160,000 subscribers, a total of over almost 44,000,000 views[1], and he has had commissions for animations from The LEGO Group. Brotherhood Workshop is notable for his use of clay and real twigs for creating outdoor sets, and for his focus on family-friendly humor.

History Edit

The Brotherhood Workshop channel was created on the 23rd August 2012, along with an older clay-based animation called The Clumsy Lizard Warrior[2]. Brotherhood Workshop soon began producing new content; brickfilms using the recently released The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit themes to create short, fun comedy sketches. These included a video of Gollum singing Justin Bieber's 'Baby', Uruk-Hair orcs turning the ent Treebeard into a Christmas tree, and Merry and Pippin dressing as Nazgul for Halloween to scare Frodo and Sam.

Brotherhood Workshop won the official LEGO Rebrick competition with their animation Gorgy wants a Horse, which was later featured in The Lego Movie.

Brotherhood Workshop also recieves commissions from the LEGO Group to make official videos advertising their licenses. For example, The Agrravation of Smaug for their Hobbit line which was shown at San Diego Comic Con 2014, A Day In The Life for their Jurassic World line and currently, they do videos for Ninjago and Star Wars. Brotherhood Workshop also produces content for YouTube channels such as THE BRICK SHOW, Artifex Creation and How It Should Have Ended. They have even been hired by NBC to produce several short animations for them.

Videos Edit

The Clumsy Lizard Warrior

Dragon Slayer Stop Motion

LEGO Lord of the Rings: Orcs

LEGO Gollum's "Baby"

LEGO Gollum's Karaoke (alternate version)

LEGO Frodo's Birthday Surprise

LEGO The Cranky Cavetroll

LEGO A Hobbit Halloween

LEGO The Battle of Helm's Deep

LEGO Treebeard's Holiday Special

A Legless Lego Legolas

LEGO An Elvish Valentine

LEGO Harlem Shake (Goblin Style!)

EPIC BATTLES: Cavetroll vs. Goblin King

Goblin King Wins?

Troll wins!!!

LEGO Dinner at Weathertop

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Six-legged Plunger Mech

Gorgy wants a Horse

LEGO Voldemort Goes Wand Shopping

LEGO Harry Potter Meets a Rancor

LEGO Battle at the Black Gate

LEGO Tom Bombadil (Why was he cut?)

LEGO The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Teaser Trailer [HD]

LEGO The Hobbit Trailer (Side by Side Version)

Legolas Gets Friendzoned

LEGO Kili Gets Left Behind

LEGO The Truth About Ewoks

LEGO® The Hobbit™ - Middle-earth Motors

Lego Hands Only CPR with Lego Vinnie

LEGO Non-Stop Official Trailer (Liam Neeson Thriller) [HD]

LEGO Non-Stop Trailer (Split Screen Version)

Garlic drama: how small town finds allicin from garlic

LEGO® The Hobbit™ - Dwarven Dreams

The Lego HISHE

LEGO Han Solo vs. General Grievous

LEGO Star Wars: No Life Forms Aboard

LEGO The Fall of Isengard

LEGO An Ewok Net Trap

LEGO­­® The Hobbit™: The Aggravation of Smaug

LEGO Walk into Mordor

LEGO Harry Potter: How to Kill a Dementor

Sauron takes the "Ice-Bucket Challenge"

The Lego HISHE 2 (The Alternate Ending)

LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy: Star-Lord's Mix Tape

LEGO Goblins in Moria (a bad LOTR joke)

LEGO Always Shoot First (Guardians of the Galaxy + Star Wars + Firefly)

LEGO Harry Potter_ Umbridge's First Date

LEGO The Hobbit in 72 Seconds

LEGO A Hobbit Tavern

Lego Batman Is Jelly

LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy: Ronan's a Jerk

LEGO­­® The Hobbit™: Bard the Bowman™ The Beginning

LEGO Conversation with Smaug

LEGO Why Saruman Went Bad

LEGO The Hobbit: Azog's Battle Plan

The Carol of the Penguin: A Claymation Christmas Special

LEGO Bilbo vs. Troll (A "Battle of the Five Armies" plot-hole)

LEGO Groot, Hodor, and Chewbacca: "No One Understands"

LEGO Star Wars: Sniper Joe

LEGO Star Wars: Sand-People are Bad Shots

LEGO A Hero's Reward (Star Wars + Guardians of the Galaxy + Firefly)

The Parable of the Loaves and Fishes

LEGO Avengers: Age of Ultron - Trailer Re-Creation

LEGO Age of Ultron Trailer (Side by Side Version)

LEGO "Side by Side with a Friend"

NBA Heroes Powers Unleashed

LEGO Star Wars_ R2-D2 Unrestrained

Home Free - Crazy Life (LEGO Video)

LEGO Luke Meets Anakin

LEGO Jurassic World: The Raptors Strike

LEGO Let the Wookie Win

A Day in the Life at LEGO® Jurassic World Mini Movie

LEGO Jurassic World: Little Arms, Big Feet

Even Orcs Know - HISHE Features: Brotherhood Workshop

LEGO® Scooby-Doo and the Tag-Sale Clue

Jurassic World in 90 seconds (LEGO animation)

Bunchems - A Bunch of Piggies!

Ali-A Figure Debut at NYCC Stop Motion

LEGO The Age of Ultron in 2 Minutes

LEGO® Star Wars™ Rebels Paint the Town Orange - Stop Motion

CavemanFilms Battles Demon Birds

HAVE A SPOOKY HALLOWEEN! (Stop Motion Animation Short)

CavemanFilms Spooky Halloween

AntVenom Spooks CavemanFilms for Halloween!

A Tube Heroes Thanksgiving Dinner

TOBUSCUS ADVENTURES: Happy Thanksgiving!!! (Stop Motion Animation)

Hiccup & Toothless vs. The Skrill that Stole Snoggletog I TOYMOTION

Ninjago meets The Office

LEGO® Star Wars™ - Freeze Frame - Master Your Force

Atlantic Craft Goes Ice Fishing!

LEGO® Star Wars™ - Imperial Roadblock

LEGO Speed Champions Porsche Dream Race

LEGO® Star Wars™ - Jawa Surprise

Demon Bird's Wrath

The Force Awakens Lego HISHE

LEGO® Ninjago - How Wu Met the Ninja

Animating Setup Edit

Brotherhood Workshop uses a Canon T2i camera, Dragonframe, Final Cut Pro 7, and Adobe After Effects. Lights are Arri. They use printed backdrops and green screens.[3]

References Edit

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