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Here on Brikifilms new pages are very much welcomed on all things to do with Brickfilming, but there are a few rules with have - in particular regarding our directory section.

Creating new pages for the directoriesEdit

In order to make Brikifilms a respected and quality source of information we ask that you only create new page for our directories if at least one of the following applies:

The Brickfilmer Directory The Films Directory

if you have a registered Wikia account and have made at least 25 edits to this wiki.

the brickfilmer has received a prize in an official competition or festival on a brickfilming website with a page on this wiki.
the person already has a page about one of their films or themselves on this wiki.
the page you make contains at least 200 words and utlises this Brickfilmer Profile Template. the page you make contains at least 200 words and utlises this Films Directory Template.
the person has received at least 3 votes on this list. the film has recieved at least 3 votes on this list.

Exceptions To CriterionEdit

While for now these rules will be enforced, the admins at Brikifilms are open to any suggestions for future changes. Also if you have any reason to believe an exception should be made for a particular film or person then please post on the wiki forum.

Thank you for your cooperation!!! :)