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Welcome to Brikifilms! This wiki is dedicated to the art of "brickfilming" which is (primarily stop motion) animation created using LEGO, Megablocks or other similar plastic brick construction toys.


Brikifilms was founded by Mighty Wanderer on August 4th 2012 and it was created as a result of a topic by 'MrRundown101' on Bricks In Motion.[1]He found another Brickfilming wiki ( and suggested members work on it but this wiki had no active administrators and there were some concerns voiced about using a name with the trademark 'LEGO' in it. As a result, Mighty Wanderer decided to create a new Brickfilming wiki which Bricks In Motion user Genzarata suggested should be called Brikifilms.

Future AimsEdit

Currently Brikifilms has 98 articles and 0 active users and hopes to significantly expand in the future to become the ultimate source of information about Brickfilming. 

How You Can HelpEdit

This is a wiki, which means that almost any page can be edited by anyone. So if you notice a typo or mistake on a page feel free to click 'edit' and fix it, you can add more information to a page by doing the same.

If you think that this wiki should have a page that doesn't already exist then go ahead and create a new page by clicking the 'contribute' button in the top right corner of a page.

New to Brikifilms?Edit

Then you should check out our wiki community page here to see how things work on Brikifilms and also for suggestions on what to do.

If you have any problems or questions with anything then feel free to contact one of our administrators here or visit our forum.

Finally we kindly ask that you make a visit to the Guidelines section before editing on Brikfilms. This is so you can understand our code of conduct, policy on vandalism, article writing guide and how to cite sources.


  1. The Bricks In Motion topic that started Brikifilms.