Bricks in Motion - The Documentary
Bricks in Motion The Documentary (Kickstarter Promo)01:48

Bricks in Motion The Documentary (Kickstarter Promo)

A promotional video for the documentary


Philip Heinrich

Created 2014
Cast Includes:

Joshua Leasure, Sean Willets, Forrest Whaley, Spastikchuwawa, Brotherhood Workshop, Dylan Woodley, Jay Silver, Chris Boyer, Errol Elumir, Tommy Williamson

Bricks In Motion - The Documentary is a feature length film about the members of the brickfilming community.[1] The film (currently still in production), was successfully funded after receiving $12,800 of a $10,000 target on Kickstarter.[2]


What happens in this film?


How was the film made? And with what? Were there any problems or interesting things that happened during the process?


What did people think of it? What has it done to brickfilming? What happened as a result of the film's release?


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