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Founder and Admin 2008 - Feb. 2009

Jonathan Schlaepfer, "Schlaeps"

Admin 2009 - Current Day

Philip Heinrich, "Sméagol"

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Bricks In Motion (commonly abbreviated to BiM) is a brickfilming community website that was founded by former admin Schlaeps when he became unhappy with changes to by its new owners. Schlaeps originally named the site, then, and finally after a seize and desist order from the parent company of Brickfilms LLC, It is currently the most popular and active brickfilming community website.



The site was created towards the end of 2008 after a community backlash to changes to when it was bought by Cynthia Price ('thickasabrick'). Schlaeps was the site's administrator at the time of the these events and he saw no response by the site's owners to issues and questions brought up by members on its forums, as well as potentially even more unpopular plans for the site behind the scenes. He decided that ' would never be the same again' and started working on the Brickfilming site that we now know as Bricks In Motion.

Significant EventsEdit

Bricks In Motion has been the host of a number of significant brickfilming events, these include:

  • The annual Oscar style Bricks In Motion Awards
  • The annual Twenty-four Hour Animation Competition, THAC has been held since January 2009
  • The annual Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long competition, BRAWL has been held since its first iteration in 2008