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Christian and Carl Colgazier (also known as AquaMorph Productions and Disney365Stitch) are a duo of brickfilmers. Their first brickfilm was made in the summer of 2009, titled LEGO City: The Grand Escape.


AquaMorph Productions created their first brickfilm out of boredom in the Summer of 2009.  Since then they have improved. Once they felt the understood brickfilming enough, they started making brickfilm video tutorials.

In June 2011, AquaMorph Productions got accepted in the Youtube Partnership Program. December 2012, they joined THAC X and won second place out of 72 entries.



A person becomes scared when one of her friends tells a scary story and then hears the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching her.

Haunted is AquaMorph Productions most popular Brickfilm uploaded on October. It was created for 2010 Festival of Souls Contest and won 9th place out of 20 entries.

LEGO City: The Grand EscapeEdit

AquaMorph Productions's first brickfilm (also their second most popular) was created out of boredom and and filmed with no viable story when they started.  Halfway through filming, they developed a story and added some shots in the beginning to help make sense of the random film. 

Animation SetupEdit

AquaMorph Productions uses a T3i and a T2i to film. They use Dragonframe for capturing, Photoshop for image processing, Adobe Premiere for video editing, Adobe Audition for sound design, Adobe After Effects for effects, Celtx for script writing, and Reaper for creating music.

ReferencesEdit Haunted AquaMorph Productions Youtube Channel

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