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Harrison Allen (also known as Squid and Annoying Noises Productions) is a brickfilmer that is relatively well known for his unique style of films which incorporate high production quality with much strangeness.

Harrison's videos have been very popular with over 700,000 views and 2400 subscribers on YouTube.[1]


Harrison first desired to brickfilm after seeing the Monty Python and The Holy Grail brickfilm created by Spite Your Face Productions. However he only actually created a brickfilm in 2007 for the Lego Star Wars Video Competition.[2]


Director Filmography Edit

Name Year Director Type Status
BOHROK ATTACK! 2009 Harrison Allen Short Released
The Legend of Mousty 2009 Harrison Allen Short Released
THE MAILBOX OF DOOM! 2010 Harrison Allen Short Released
Pirates Rule 2011 Harrison Allen Film Released
(Enter Vladimir Vango) 2011 Harrison Allen Short Released
How to Not Rob a Bank 2012 Harrison Allen Short Released
How to Not Rob a Bank 2012 Harrison Allen Short Released
Sharks and Clowns 2012 Harrison Allen Short Released
The Lost Invention 2012 Harrison Allen Short Released
I Am The Darkness - A LEGO Batman Adventure 2013 Harrison Allen Short Released
Odoriferous 2013 Harrison Allen Short Released
Planet of the Sneeuwpop 2013 Harrison Allen Short Released
Leprechauns in France 2014 Harrison Allen Short Released
We the Pumpkin Three 2014 Harrison Allen Short Released

Pirates RuleEdit

This is Harrison's most successful brickfilm about pirates, ninjas and 'some British guys'.[3]

How to Not Rob a Bank Edit

This is Squid's second most successful brickfilm in which two minifigures don't rob a bank.

Magical Land of Riigo-FalooEdit

The Magical Land of Riigo-Faloo is a fictional universe created by Squid. It is where his films 'Sharks and Clowns' , 'The Lost Invention' and "We the Pumpkins Three" are set and contains many fantasy elements such as vampires, wizards, goblins and talking horses. Harrison's long term goal for the universe is for it to be become a cartoon TV show with a big story-arch going over multiple seasons revolving around multiple adventurers.[4]


Squid's entry to BRAWL 2013. It won first place as well as multiple Brickfilmer's Guild Awards.

Planet of the SneeuwpopEdit

In December 2013 Squid created the film Planet of the Sneeuwpop for the annual brickfilming competition THAC. During the making of this film Squid briefly joined a Skype group chat for THAC entrants and famously went a bit mad. He claims to have no recollection of this event occurring.[5]

We the Pumpkins Three Edit

His entry to BRAWL 2014. It earned fourth place.

Animating SetupEdit

Currently Harrison animates using a Nikon D3100 DLSR camera at 15 frames per second. It is notable that unlike the majority of brickfilmer he uses no . His films are edited using Adobe Premiere Elements and audio is recorded using a Blue Snowball.


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