The Animation Challenge was created by "Fancy Pants" in 2009 on "Bricks In Motion". The purpose of the challenge was to identify particular movements, characters, and situations that are difficult to animate and then figure out new ways to overcome those challenges.

The challenge is run completely by volunteers and has been active to this day.

How it worksEdit

"Once a theme has been chosen, the community has a set amount of time to make an entry (usually a week). Once the deadline has passed, the member who chose the theme will judge the entries and decide which of the entries matched up to the challenge the best. The winner will then choose the new theme, and the cycle continues. The thread title should change to match the current challenge, but if it doesn't you'll just have to go search for it"

-Excerpt from BiM

Being an unofficial contest with no prizes, the host often changes the Theme or extends the deadline for convenience.

List of challenges and the winnersEdit

Lightsaber duel- Fancypants

Moonwalk- Filmyguy

Spin Heel Kick- Filmyguy

Car Throw- Filmyguy

Super Human Speed- Bloogyo

Zombie Walk- VIMStudios

Wall-To-Wall Jump- Filmyguy

Wall Smash- NXTManiac

Wall Run- Filmfire96

Bricksplosion- NXTManiac

Monster Transformation- Squash

Hamming it Up- mobiledeli

Exercise- UniLego

Fall and Make Crater- BGanimations

Climbing- twickabrick

Rappelling- Motion Studios Films

Getting Dressed- goldencamerastudios

Playing an Instrument- NXTManiac

Horse Walk- Jay Silver

Falling Down Stairs- CrazyEd

Jumping Out of a Window- Hazzat

Dancing- Brickyman

Chopping Down a Tree- LGFB Studios

Throwing A Ball Against A Wall- ZP

Starting A Fire- Filmyguy

Car Chase- RedBeard

Running Into a Wall and Making a Dent- goldencamerastudios

Swimming- CrazyEd

Free running- Boardron

Boardsports- Jay Silver

Robots at work- MadBrick

Digging a hole- Stan the Lego Man

Golfing- boardron

Jacking Up A Car- Flash Code

Ice Skating- Funtastic Films

Flying A Plane- ZachFB Studios

Extreme Pain- FuntasticFilms

Slipping- twickabrick

Telekinesis- ZachFBStudios

Cannon Ball- Brick8

Making An Entrance- AnnoyingNoisesProductions

Slow-Motion- boardron

Earthquake- Keesret

Homerun- websitecommissie

Dirty Sword Fight- AnnoyingNoisesProductions

Dreams- Hazzat

Reflections- RedBeard

Romance- AnnoyingNoisesProductions

Magic- ZP

Crashing- CrazyEd

Cartoon Physics- Chris W.

Acrobatics- MPfist0

Brick Animation- boardron

Painting- ZP

The Matrix- boardron

Getting Run Over- backyardlegos

Classic Comedy Gag- Funtastic Films

Unwrapping A Present- Brick-Movie

Getting A Haircut- Eagle Studios

Doing Chores- animationIsaac

Walking On a Smooth Surface- 1011ev

Getting Electrocuted (without VFX)- Brick-Movie

Low Gravity/minifig in space- Repelling Spider

A Day at the Beach/Lake- animationisaac

Growing Hair- A Repelling Spider

Knocking Something Over - ShutterBroke

Impaling- Loïc F-B

Walking On Stilts- animationisaac

Growing A Plant- Shutterbroke

Camouflage- ZachFBStudios

Juggling- Repelling Spider

Getting Abducted By An Alien- Shutterbroke

Jumping Off A Moving Vehicle- 1011Ev

Getting Hit By A Falling Object- animationIsaac

Flipping A Coin- Mout studios

Shooting A Crossbow/Bow- Clonecam

Breaking A Board- animationIsaac

Shooting A Gun (Without VFX)- MindGame

Dance Number- TtownStudios

Fencing- AnnoyingNoiseProductions

Easting/Cooking- minifig051

Flipping Tables- animationIsaac

Water- Chiro

Attacked By A Swarm Of Insects- Loïc F-B

Snake- thefourmonkeys

Walking On An Old, Damaged Bridge- Pritchard Studios

Swinging On A Rope/Vine- thefourmonkeys

Bowling- Legosword89

Sneaking- Nasrsarian

Awkward Situation- Repelling Spider

Unique/Interesting Walk Cycle - Squid

Camera Movement - Pritchard Studios

Kicking - ScreamingTantrum

Super Hero Action(s) - That1LegoKid

Quick Camera Movement - Pritchard Studios

Kicking - ScreamingTantrum

Super Hero Action(s) - That1LegoKid

Quickbuild - MrMingleProductions

Replacement Animation - PushOverProductions

Skydiving - ENDfilms

Talking - GHB Productions

Teleportation - OsomStudios

Street Biking- GEF

Boxing- TtownStudios

Food Fight- BackyardLegos

Scaring Someone's Pants/Socks Off- megagill74

Surfing- VerkkuUkkeliProductions

Wind- Cooked Cat

Aggressive Driving of a Car- TheFourMonkeys

Microscale Brickfilm- Rockydude411Bricks

Fist Fighting- MrMingleProductions

Front Flip- Clonecam Studios

Zero-Gravity- Coolcube Studios



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